Dedicated servers for your store PrestaShop

Dedicated Servers in Europe
We know how important it is to be close to customer which is why dedicated servers for e-commerce systems (e.g. Prestashop or WooCommerce) are located in our datacenter in Europe, ensuring minimum delays and best accessibility of services. The datacenter is connected with top-class networks provided by Exatel and Orange operators and connected to big internet exchange points which provides excellent connection with networks in Europe and around the world.
Great customer support
Dedicated servers for PrestaShop online stores are fully configured, they have pre-optimized webserver and database settings. Daily backups are performed automatically, and the servers have full administration. The servers operate on the panel selected by the customer (cPanel or DirectAdmin) and from the point of view of customer convenience, they look like a classic hosting - you don't have to worry about anything - administrative activities are performed by our administrators.
High server performance
To ensure application performance, our servers are based on fast SSD storage, additionally connected in a RAID, which means that all data on the drives are duplicated and secure. We know that for many online stores, e.g. PrestaShop, the processor speed is important, which is why the servers are selected to ensure the speed of the application. Dedicated servers have fast Intel 4C E3-1280 V5 processors and DDR4 RAM (16/32 GB RAM).
Comfortable management panel
Dedicated servers have one of two convenient management panels installed to choose from: cPanel or DirectAdmin. This allows, in addition to online store hosting, a free use of e-mail with anti-spam and anti-virus systems, along with free SSL certificates that renew automatically. Dedicated servers are supposed to look like regular hosting: convenience and no need to deal with technical details by our customers is very important to us.
dedicated servers
Very often, the speed of the server that is used to operate the online store is important - more traffic in the store requires a stable, fast server. The solution is a modern and fast dedicated server located in Europe. The servers have a full setup and excellent support - it's like the client is using classic hosting, but when it comes to performance - he has his own, independent server machine at his disposal..
Great customer support
We offer to our customers complete solutions such as: hardware (server) + software (e.g. cPanel/DirectAdmin), backup on an external storage and customer support. Servers are automatically monitored obviously for 24/7 we are available to our customers via online chat 24/7, where we respond within seconds. Constant and professional support are elements that are constantly available for our customers.
Servers availability
Dedicated servers are prepared for each customer - we do not sell unconfigured servers - each of them are installed according to the client's requirements and according to the rules of software configuration, which is based on our many years of experience in the field of server performance. Therefore, servers are available immediately, but configuration is usually done within 48 hours. After completing the configuration, the Customer receives a complete, configured and efficient hosting environment.

the advantages of your own dedicated server for an online store

Convenience of management
Cpanel and DirectAdmin (depends of your choice) provides convenient management of your websites, email accounts and services. Everything is available immediately after logging in.
Effective technical support
You can contact us by e-mail, online chat or by phone. We help our clients quickly and efficiently.
Customizable parameters
Thanks to the ability to adjust the parameters of the dedicated server to your needs, you are always able to run your PrestaShop store with the highest efficiency.
Free SSL certificates
Each domain and subdomain running on our servers is provided with a free SSL certificate. You don't have to worry if your certificate is still valid, with us it is free and valid all the time.
Complete off-site backup
Automatic backup is performed on all dedicated servers. Thanks to this, you can restore any files from the last 7 days. Files, mail and databases are backed up.
High server performance
Thanks to the availability of modern servers with high performance parameters, even large stores based on PrestaShop can be launched and conveniently used.
No file limit
There is no limit of the number of files stored on our dedicated servers. You don't have to worry about having the ability to save more files. We know that PrestaShop likes to create large numbers of files.
Spam filters
Effective e-mail spam filters are installed on dedicated servers. You can also configure them according to your preferences.
Free migration
For our clients, we migrate website and e-mail for free. You don’t have to worry about anything, we will take care of everything. Work will be done at a time convenient for you, e.g. at the weekend or at night.
High uptime 99.9%
We provide hosting that is available 99.9% of the time per year. The servers are located in Europe. Power to each server is supplied in parallel by two independent power supplies.
No term contracts
We do not bind our clients with fixed-term contracts. Pay on a regular basis, in periods that are convenient for you - we offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options.
Unlimited transfer
On dedicated servers, the transfer is not limited. We believe that the Internet is a medium that should serve the customer, not limit him.
Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated server is private server fully intended for one person or company. In the opposite of shared hosting, dedicated server is not used by no one else – it is a physical machine leased to a customer.

Dedicated server allows some kind of flexibility. It is possible that application requires dedicated solutions, which may cause introduction of changes. On the shared server, changes are often not possible because they can cause problems for other users. Having dedicated server allows us to introduct necessary changes.

Dedicated server sold in the server rooms often do not have administration and require hiring an administrator. It’s different with us – our dedicated servers are a complete hosting solution, so they include administrator support.

There are two administration options: basic or extended.

Basic administration includes: updates of server software and installed modules. Initial configuration of e-mail, www and mySQL servers. Monitoring of the server in terms of load, correct operation of services, etc. Backup settings - the frequency and number of copies are agreed with the client.

Extended Administration: With Extended Administration, the customer has +2 additional admin hours per month for work requested by the customer. It can be, for example, reviewing logs or other small works, starting from e.g. setting up an e-mail account and ending with the installation of additional modules.

DirectAdmin and cPanel are hosting management panels. They serve the same purpose but differ in some details.

Below are some differences between DirectAdmin and cPanel:

DirectAdmin and cPanel differ in appearance and navigation (graphic design).

cPanel is considered more user-friendly than DirectAdmin. The cPanel interface is more intuitive and easier to use for people who are not familiar with hosting management techniques.

Both panels offer similar features such as mail support, databases, website statistics, etc. However, cPanel offers a bit more features than DirectAdmin.

If we have to suggest: we suggest cPanel. However, keep in mind that cPanel is a bit more expensive.

We have our own datacenter in Europe.

The datacenter is connected with top-class links: to Exatel and Orange operators and to traffic connected to big internet exchange points which ensures excellent connection with networks in Europe and around the world.

The limit of domains connected to the server depends on the selected license. In terms of performance, there are no limits to the pages that can be on one dedicated server. For more sites, we suggest purchasing a CloudLinux system license to ensure full separation between hosting accounts, which increases security.

Yes, you can have company email on dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting where the entire server is dedicated to one company. This means that the entire server disk space and resources are at your disposal. So you can configure one or many mailboxes with your own domain name, e.g., etc.

By default, backups are stored on servers for 7 days and then overwritten with new backups. But a dedicated server requires setting its own rules - we help in determining how long backups are stored, whether they will be performed daily or, for example, every 2-3 days.

Backup copies are stored on external matrices - their capacity depends on the customer - the more space purchased, the longer and the more copies can be stored. It is the customer who can decide how long he wants to have copies at his disposal.

We also encourage you to purchase a license for the JetBackup software - it helps you conveniently restore your own backup copies - files, folders, databases, etc.

You can restore backups yourself at any time.

Backup is available depending on the software used:

in DirectAdmin, the backup can be downloaded to your own computer, and then unpacked and restored

in cPanel backup can be restored by yourself (or downloaded, depending on how it was done)

with additional JetBackup software, you can conveniently restore files, folders, databases from any day in the panel - it's additional software, but very convenient.

To log in to the database, you need to add /phpmyadmin to your domain name in the browser - for example:

There is no limit to the number of databases on a dedicated server.

In order for the domain to point to our servers, you need to provide DNS addresses depending on the administration panel that is installed:

for cPanel:

Before that, the domain must be added to cPanel

for DirectAdmin:

Yes, the user can independently modify the dns records for the domain at any time.


In cPanel, to create a mailbox, go to the E-mail Accounts tab and here you can create a mailbox.

In DirectAdmin, to create a mailbox, go to the Mail Accounts tab and here you can create a mailbox.

Depending on the selected management panel, there are various options for configuring anti-spam filters. In cPanel, filters can be configured in the Spam Filters tab. It gives you the possibility, for example, to add addresses to the BlackList. In the case of the DirectAdmin panel, you can do it in the SpamAssassin Configuration tab.

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting in which the client receives the entire server at his disposal. This means that the client has full control over the configuration and installation of the software on the server - it is the server (the entire physical machine) exclusively. If necessary, you will be able to install the necessary extension at any time, which is often not possible with shared hosting.

When choosing hosting dedicated to a store system, such as PrestaShop, it is worth paying attention to issues such as:

  • Location of the server room - it is important that the company has its own server infrastructure and stable internet connections (both domestic and contacts with international operators),
  • Modernity of machines - on the Internet, the speed of shops is important. The server rooms can be different - for individual stores, it is worth choosing one that has high clock speed and modern technology, such as DDR4 memory and SSD drives. For servers that will support multiple hosting accounts, it is worth choosing multi-processor and multi-core systems in which the load is distributed over many individual cores.
  • Server configuration and administration - sometimes it happens that companies rent dedicated servers on which the client must install and configure the software himself - usually it ends with either very poor optimization of parameters or the need to hire a full-time administrator. In our case, both software configuration and administration are provided

Dedicated servers are based on the following technologies:

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